The Rotary Club of Colombo Central was chartered in September 21, 1979 by PHF K Sivagananathan. He was our charter president and during his lifetime he was a well respected person in his professional field and a committed active mamber in the Rotary movement in Sri Lanka. His contribution to Rotary is numerous in various capacities, and final one being the Assistant Governor for Zone-1 2001/2002.
Rotary Club of Astley

Rotary Club of Asley became a sister club of Colombo Central. This is the second Club to have sign agreement with us. First being the Rotary Club of Suita West. With this sign up all three clubs will be able to do more projects and bridge more friendship among members of the three Rotary Clubs. (Japan , U.K. & Sri Lanka)

President Dr Chandna Jayaratne, June 24, 2005
  • Board of Directors - Centennial Year 2004/2005

    President : PHF Dr. Chandana Jayaratne
    Telephone: 94-714-800-800 Fax: 94-11-265-0461

    Secretary : Keerthi De Silva
    Telephone: 94-11-258-1529 , 94-11-255-6075

    Treasurer : PP PHF Dr Raj Jeganathan
    Telephone: 94-11-471-8418 , 94-11-255-6075

    Immediate Past President : PP J.D.K. Morais
    Telephone: 94-11-234-8192 (O), 94-11-234-4844 (R)

    President Elect : Merrick Pieris
    Telephone: 94-11-288-4541 (O), 94-11-288-4541 (R)

    Mobile: 0772 730 272
    Vice President : PP J.D. Rajendram
    Telephone: 94-11-244-5501 (O), 94-11-268-5402 (R)


    Club Service

    PP PHF Shirley Ganegoda
    Telephone: 94-11-258-0623 (O), 94-11-269-8544 (R)

    Vocational Service
    N Logasriskandaraj
    Telephone: 94-11-535-1792 (O),94-11-777-280084 (R)

    Community Service
    PHF M.L.G.M. Perera
    Telephone: 94-11-259-5354 (O), 94-11-223-1947 (R)

    International Service
    PP PHF Rathnasoma Silva
    Telephone: 94-11-259-5364 (O), 94-11-286-6646 (R)

    Youth Service
    Donald Gaminitillake
    Telephone: 94-11-258-8893 (R)

    Sgt - at - Arms
    Sagara Lunuwila
    Telephone: 94-11-420-5497 (O), 94-11-272-8628 (R)

    Bulletin Editor
    PP PHF D. Palansuriya
    Telephone: 94-11-244-8237 (O), 94-11-269-7914 (R)
Postal Mail to
29/20, Visaka Road,
Colombo.4. Sri Lanka
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E-Mail (Secretary)
Feature Articles
Announcements for the Members by Centennial Year President Dr. Chandana Jayaratne

We have come to the end of our Silver Jubilee Year and the GRAND FINALE fellowship will be held at Hotel Intercontinental on 11.06.2005 hosted by Rtn. Shirly and Rtn. Keerthi.
Laying of the foundation stone for 5 story Psychiatric Ward building at Matara Hospital, constructing specially to treat Tsunami victims, will be held soon.
As I promised in the beginning, we introduced 13 members this year to bring the total club membership up to 45(unfortunately the death of Rtn Vikum and Rtn Rajakariar made it to 43).
The Presidents dinner will be held on 25.06.2005 at 7.30 p.m in Otters, Colombo-07.

The project for the construction of houses for Tsunami victims of Duwe Modara, Kosgoda area. We did this project in collaboration with Brunswick Rotary Club (Maine USA) Secreatary Rtn PHF Keerthi De Silva

New Web page will be uploaded in July 2005 with our new President
This page and with its contents will be frozen and will be able to access from the new web page .
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